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NEW DIFFUSER & Christmas oil blend 

Imagine your Christmas festive table experience …

* SEEING: The lovely Red & Gold POMEGRANATE diffuser centerpiece (Pomegranate is THE SYMBOL of LOVE)

* SMELLING: by Diffusing the healthiest and/or prophetic Christmas aroma while

* HEARING: playing your favorite Christmas hymns.

Everyone will envy you …


Our brand new RED & GOLD Pomegranate diffuser has arrived!

The Prophetic symbol of  Love & Breakthrough!

With PROPHETIC as well as THERAPEUTIC value, making MUSIC possible via its’ Blue Tooth SPEAKER … this is THE BEST GIFT EVER!

Christmas Oil blend: 5ml CHRISTMAS BLESSING BLEND diffuser oil is added to this promotion. The blend consist of CINNAMON, ORANGE & WINTERGREEN essential oils – capturing the fragrance of Christmas along with meany healing properties!

Link; detailed benefits of Christmas blessing blend


Promotion: save 10%

NOW R710 R790 (5ml Christmas blend included) postage excluded

(Remember to add your favorite Festive music to your Festive table)