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 the Lord said to Moses, Take sweet spices--Stacte, Onycha, and Galbanum, sweet spices with pure Frankincense, an equal amount of each and make of them incense, a perfume after the perfumer's art..

This incense was burnt on coals by the Priests daily and a very interesting fact is recorded that women as far away from Jerusalem as Jericho, (about 27km) did not wear any perfumes because of the fragrance emanating from this incense that so filled the air during the Temple era!

Stacte, a prophetic picture of Jesus who would come as the LAMB OF GOD!

The gentle characteristic of a lamb is seen in the Hebrew root word for STACTE, named NATAPH meaning to fall in drops like rain!

1.    In Song 4:11 we see the bridegroom speaking to His bride: He says: Your lips are dropping honey…

This refers to the Brides kind and sweet words of LOVE dropping from her lips to her Bridegroom …

2.    In Luke 4:22 the people who heard Jesus talking said: And all spoke well of Him and marveled at the words of grace that came forth from His mouth;

3.    BUT, in Isa 6:5, Isaiah said … I have unclean lips and an angel came to me with a burning coal in his hand, which he had taken from off the altar with the fire-spoon. And after touching my mouth with it, he said, See, your lips have been touched with this; and your evil is taken away, and you are made clean from sin.

God gives us here a prophetic picture of our own condition!

Annette Ettinger from the Ministries of Hegai said in her book: The Alabaster box: “I believe the coal taken from the heavenly altar and applied to Isaiah’s lips was a coal of stacte!

We must cry out like Isaiah for a live coal of stacte to be applied to our lips praying that its burning will purify our words but most certainly reach our hearts!

So STACTE reveals to us: Gentle & gracious words will be the fruit of a gentle & gracious heart. As the Lamb of God, Jesus spoke words of grace that fell in drops like rain on dry and parched hearts!