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The San tribe have used this oil to protect themselves against the desert-dry climate and scorching sun for thousands of years, making Kalahari Melon Seed (KMS) oil the original cosmetic ingredient for humans. Very high Vitamin E content, and 70% Linoleic Acid gives the oil anti-aging, anti-wrinkle, anti-scarring, and moisturizing properties. Linoleic Acid also promotes epidermal wall integrity, which makes helps the skin to retain moisture.” African Origin oils

KMS oil penetrates the skin extremely quickly, making it a very user-friendly ingredient.


1. Can be used as a moisturizing facial night oil, or

2. Mix in your moisturizer for an even richer effect especially when your skin is dry during winter. Ten drops per 50g will do!

3. Put on dry areas all over your body once or twice daily.


Caring for your essential oils: Essential oils and carrier oils are vulnerable to heat, moisture, air, and light. Store in a cool, dark place with lids well sealed.