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Supercharged Bio-Availability

While cannabis and its phytocannabinoids (e.g. CBD) have many health benefits, is has low oral bio-availability. This means the majority of CBD taken through oral supplements are either not absorbed or are broken down by the liver before they reach the general circulation. Science has demonstrated that up to 94 % of CBD taken in commonly consumed supplements are not available in the bloodstream.

Bio-Canna™ is produced using a proprietary and break-through technology that ensures enhanced absorption bio-availability. Human clinical trials have shown that 1 hour after being taken, Bio-Canna™ delivers 740 % more CBD into the body than regular CBD supplements currently available. 

Science has shown a staggering 6 out of 10 people who took standard CBD, did not have any CBD in their blood at all, where Bio-Canna™ was absorbed by all users!


Delivers 740 % more bioactive CBD into the blood stream

Advanced Liposomal Delivery System

Universally absorbed by everyone who takes it

Co2 Extraction process, free from harsh solvents or chemicals

Made from organically grown Cannabis sativa and free of any synthetics, pesticides or herbicides

Scientifically developed and validated through human clinical trials

State of the art manufacturing under GMP standards

Tested purity and quality


Bio-Canna™ Daily

  • Concentration CBD: 50 mg
  • Size: 5 ml
  • Format: Dropper
  • Other cannibinoids: Full spectrum + terpenes
  • Extraction method: Co2
  • Country of Origin: USA
  • Other ingredients:

Purified water, ethanol, natural flavors, GMO-free sunflower lecithin, stevia leaf extract (glucosyl stevioside) and glycerin.