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Pharmaceutical grade bicarbonate of soda 

The bicarbonate of soda supplied by Health Nutrition is imported from Europe. It is pharmaceutical grade, which is a purer form of the product. It is used by healthcare professionals to combat various illnesses and assisting with medical conditions.

Sodium bicarbonate is a naturally occurring substance that is found in living things. Its job is to help keep pH levels where they need to be to sustain life. Because of this ability, bicarbonate of soda can be used as a healing therapy for a number of conditions such as arthritis, indigestion, heartburn, infection, cancer, and gout. (see articles on how to improve your health with bicarbonate of soda.

The pharmaceutical grade bicarbonate of soda is supplied in 200gm tins.


Promotes recovery after exercise

Bicarbonate of soda is an alkaline substance that increases the pH of the blood. This reduces the acidity produced in the muscles during intense, anaerobic exercise that produces lactic acid.

Balances pH and promotes healing

Acidity is necessary for the digestion of food, however too much acidity promotes diseases such as osteoporosis, cancer, and arthritis which thrive in an acidic environment. Bicarbonate of soda balances pH and promotes healing.

Reduces inflammation

Joint inflammation causes pain and conditions such as gout (caused by a build-up of uric acid in the urine, blood, and tissues) are especially alleviated with the addition of bicarbonate of soda.

Relief for indigestion and heartburn

Sodium bicarbonate neutralizes acid in the stomach and eliminates the pain of heartburn.