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Our RED POMEGRANATE DIFFUSER offers a lightweight replica design of the pomegranate fruit with a weight of only 635g and a tank capacity of 100ml. It is available in classy red and gold colours with a brown base. The diffuser automatically turns off when the water level is lower than the induction piece - the machine senses the water shortage. The diffuser will stop diffusing and lighting and go into standby mode. Repeat the steps to start misting again.
Stock will be available in October 2020


The Ultrasonic diffusing features ensure the integrity of the essential oils’ beneficial molecular structures and allow for easy bodily absorption.

Our #1 priority here at Myrrh P&T is your happiness. This means we stand by our product 100%. If you have a problem, we will solve it, refund it, send you a new product … whatever it takes! Just let us know within 30 days of purchase.