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The perfect gift for someone who you are thankful for. That someone can also be yourself.
“Die mense sal weer vrolik wees en liedere sing omdat hul dankbaar is.”
Jeremia 30:19
This stunning A5 journal offers a passion red hardcover with white ring binding. The colours and theme of the book was planned with much thought and creativity.
On the very first page you will see a floral wreath with a powerful word in the middle. Get your pencils out as you can colour in the wreath with your favourite shades.
Turn a leaf and you will see a special inspirational and informative message written by our very own Dr. Eunicé van der Merwe.
There is a summary of a true story about how writing down what you are thankful for, every day, can change your life for the better. Every other page throughout the journal has similar stories, messages for motivation and powerful bible verses. But be warned – Active thankfulness is highly effective for a happier and fruitful life!
The rest of the journal’s pages is filled with lines and beautifully faded leaves. Each page also has an incredibly special message, bible verse or quote at the bottom.