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Our RED POMEGRANATE DIFFUSER offers a lightweight replica design of the pomegranate fruit with a weight of only 635g and a tank capacity of 100ml. It is available in classy red and gold colours with a brown base. The diffuser automatically turns off when the water level is lower than the induction piece - the machine senses the water shortage. The diffuser will stop diffusing and lighting and go into standby mode. Repeat the steps to start misting again.


*Important precaution.

Do not use any of our anointing oils or any other form of carrier oil in the diffuser as it will affect the censor and your diffuser might stop working completely. If an anointing oil or carrier oil was used, clean the diffuser with vinegar as mentioned above.


Please share some of YOUR favourite essential oils to diffuse in the comment section of this blog.

We would love to hear what oils or blends we might mist (pun intended) out on.