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We only stock the best quality vitamins! This package is specifically put together to maintain and boost your immune system in the midst of this pandemic. Help your body with only the best ofthe best!

You will receive a free Mask Blend Essential oil with this package. This blend is designed to support your respiratory system and open up your airways to carry more oxygen to your lungs. 


To read more about everything in this package, you can follow the links below:

Vitamin B12: https://myrrhhealingoils.wixsite.com/mysite/post/vitamin-b12-say-goodbye-to-the-tired-eye

Mask Blend: https://myrrhhealingoils.wixsite.com/mysite/post/mask-blend-for-breathing-support

Vitamin D3 https://myrrhhealingoils.wixsite.com/mysite/post/vitamin-d-oral-spray

Omega 3 : https://coyne-healthcare.com/products/vitamins-minerals-aminos/purest-omega-3-wild-alaskan-fish/

Vitamin C : https://coyne-healthcare.com/products/vitamins-minerals-aminos/biomax-vitamin-c-liposomal/